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Network Cable Tester



  • For testing RJ45, RJ11 and RJ12 cable installations
  • Includes a master unit and a detachable remote module

Our LAN testers are specially designed to check modular terminated (RJ45, RJ11,RJ12) cable installations for wire continuity and miswiring. They can be used to verify both data and telephone connection schemes, such as RJ45, 10 Base-T, Token Ring, RJ11/RJ12. With the push of a button, the cable tester will automatically scan all wires and pairs for faults such as open wires, shorts, and crossed wire pairs. Featuring a master unit and a detachable remote module, a single person can remotely verify the condition of cables, both before and after their installation. The easy-to-read LCDs and pin-map help the user identify good connections, as well as any wiring errors quickly and effectively.

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